Two types of fire-fighting trucks can be built depending on the source used for the water pump. The fire-fighting system can be powered either from the truck engine through PTO or from independent motor, placed on the chassis.

The construction of a fire-fighting truck involves features such as:
▪ water tank of all types and capacities (depending on the GVW)
▪ foam tank (when required)
▪ fire-fighting water pump
▪ complete water (and foam) pipe circuit
▪ personnel platform with monitor fire-nozzle (manual of remote-control) with horizontal fire-stream trajectory over 50m
▪ fire-fighting equipment including water nozzles, foam nozzles, ladders, first-aid kits, rescue tools, hoses, fittings, etc.
▪ operation control panels with audible and visual warnings
▪ pump protection equipment