Light, medium or heavy duty tippers can be manufactured depending on the truck gross-weight and the type of cargo. The technical specifications of each category have been carefully selected to obtain maximum strength, low tare-weight and maximum payload.

  • Light and Medium Duty Tippers

    Body shape : Classic (rectangular)
    Sides : Fixed or side doors
    Side plate thickness : 3 – 4 mm
    Floor plate thickness : 4 – 6 mm
    Plate material : St 37.2
    Tipper direction : Rear and/or side (three-way tipper)
    Hydraulic system : One or two central telescopic rams combined with stabilizing

  • Heavy Duty Tippers

    Body shape : Classic (rectangular) or U-shape
    Sides : Fixed
    Side plate thickness : 4 – 6 mm
    Floor plate thickness : 6 – 8 mm
    Plate material : St 37.2 or HARDOX 400-450 (abrasion resistant)
    Tipper direction : Rear
    Hydraulic system : Classic shape: two central telescopic rams combined with rigid
    U-shape: single front telescopic ram combined with scissor-stabilizer.

Standard tipper equipment includes:
▪ Complete hydraulic circuit with:
Power Take-Off
Axial piston or gear pump
Oil tank
High pressure piping
▪ Plastic or stainless steel toolbox.
▪ Side guards (wherever required).
▪ Access steps or ladder on the truck-body.
▪ Mudguards and anti-spray mud flaps.
▪ Side marker lamps.
▪ Cabin-roof protection.
▪ Manual sliding tarpaulin protection.

Optional equipment (upon request):
▪ Manual or electrical tarpaulin system.

During the tipper body manufacturing, apart from the technical specifications, special attention is also given to the body anti-rusting protection and painting, as well as the protection of the frame construction against corrosion.

The truck-body development takes place on a special-made base and not on the chassis. In this way not only the cabin but also the electrical and pneumatic circuits of the truck are protected against any possible accidents, e.g. upon welding. In addition, the optimum quality of welds and surface processing can be achieved even at ‘difficult’ points.

When the frame construction, the tipper body and the hydraulics have been completed, they are all mounted on the chassis according to the instructions given in the body-builders’ manual of the truck company (IVECO, MERCEDES, VOLVO, SCANIA, DAF, ΜΑΝ, etc.). The final product is then inspected in accordance with the Greek and European Union norms for safe usage and transportation and is delivered to the final customer.